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Community Interest(ing) Companies

Working in finance doesn’t always give us chance to show people our interests and values. We are often completing corporate compliance work, to meet deadlines and tick boxes. That is all very well but it is not just what we are about. We have a particular interest in Community Interest Companies (CIC for short) and community projects generally.  From day one we always tried to balance out the corporate clients with community projects that met with our social and environmental values.

Our interest is both professional and also personal. Professional because CIC’s are an interesting structure and have some quirks that need to be well handled. Often it is the case that people who set up such enterprises do so because they have huge heart and passion for the local community, they are often not natural business people or natural finance people and whilst they are hugely passionate about what they do, the thought of having to prepare accounts and tax returns creates genuine anxiety and fear. We really appreciate these wonderful projects and the time that people invest into the local community and we do everything we can to make the accounts and finance as painless as possible. The personal interest is because we like to roll our sleeves up and ‘muck in’. Our Director Joanne, has helped out as a volunteer in all sorts of local projects, from dressing up in fancy dress for various events and helping out at Christmas day kitchens, to dismantling Santa’s Groto (with his permission) in the middle of the town centre at 3 o’clock in the morning.

If you have a CIC we would love to hear from you to see what we can do to help.

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